Birthday lessons to live by

To the swings
Looking pretty at her first birthday party

Random observations on the occasion of Gabrielle’s first birthday:

It’s worth dragging your pretty dress through mud and wet grass if your destination is the swing set. See the photo above.

Family photos are 100 percent more entertaining than anything on television. Nothing catches your eye like a slideshow screensaver starring the people you know.

messy bdayUtensils are overrated. Food tastes better when shoveled by hand, especially ice cream.

Timing is everything. When you decide to say “sister” for the first time, do it when the day’s all about you so she can feel special too. (She pronounces it “this-ther).”

Stick with what you know. When it doubt, call it a dog. At least until you learn its real name.

Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. Cry, and someone will pick you up.
mom gifts
When in need, mom is always there. Not everyone can open their own presents.

Nothing draws attention like kisses. Whether they be for momma, da-da, that picture of a duck in your favorite book or the talking Care Bear you just got for your birthday. Everyone takes notice. And snaps photos. And says “ahhhhhhhhh.” Everyone.

During every party a little rain may fall. Just be patient. The sun will be back in no time.

There’s nothing exciting about clothes. Nothing. But they’re still nice presents.

Everyone wants to see you on your birthday. Otherwise it’d be no different than the other 364 days. Or at least it feels that way.

The younger you are, the more presents you recieve. Which is how it should be, really.

balloonsBalloons make the occasion. They also let everyone know you’re important.

When organizing a party, don’t wait until the last minute to buy supplies. Especially important when you’re the parents.

Anything is forgivable (you hope). Sorry folks about the lack of forks.

If you see the door open, make a run for it. Life’s too short to spend it all inside.

Even if you have no idea what’s going on, enjoy the party while it lasts. Someone will explain it all to you later.


2 thoughts on “Birthday lessons to live by

  1. This just makes me happy. Gabby has no idea what a fun dad she has…can’t wait till she starts dating. I hope you’re still posting stories then! hahaha

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