Today’s Random Reads

action figures

– Well done. A great scene from The Empire Strikes Back re-enacted with Hasbro and Kenner action figures. Very well done.

Matt Damon as Captain Kirk? I could see it.

If you ever want some cool wallpaper, check this place out.

Create your own work of art in the style of Jackson Pollock.

– Rolling Stone reports the environment at Duke University turns its female students into sex slaves willingly turning more tricks than that silly rabbit. Difficult to gauge the accuracy of the report, given who published it. Still .. wow. A sample (near end of page 3):

She explains: ”When you’re in a relationship with somebody, especially with somebody in the frat scene, you’re lucky to be with him.” It’s never the other way around, she says — no matter how smart or attractive the girl.

Which is upsetting, she adds, because she and her friends tend to look down upon the boys at Duke. ”I’ll see this beautiful model-type girl walking with this little scrunchy five-foot-two guy, and it’s like, ‘Oh, she’s so lucky that she got him,” says Kasey.


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