Boone is on my mind


I always enjoy hearing people describe how they came to live in Boone. I also appreciate first impressions. Yesterday I found a blog by a Yankee named Amy who recently roamed my home. She liked what she saw, but didn’t feel at home until she found Grapevine Music:

The funkiness of Boone was clear to me when we went into Grapevine Music, a new and used music store. In addition to having a lot of great music, this sign was posted inside. It reads:
“We accept new and used vinyl
– CA$H or CREDIT –
Kenny Loggins
The 5th Dimension
Sndtrk to Godspell
Gordon Lightfoot
Carly Simon
Barbra Streisand
Seals & Crofts
Dan Fogelberg
Neil Diamond
Chuck Mangione
Jackson Browne
*We will take some Billy Joel and Elton John -BUT WE’RE NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT-*”

Even though I’m a full-blown Yankee, the music snob in me felt at home. I am beyond amused that they were overwhelmed with enough music they didn’t like/want to make a sign banning the artists.

An example for Amy of how small-town Boone can be – the owners of Grapevine are my next-house neighbors. I’ll pass the note along.

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