Fun with JJ Redick

(via my buddy japs)

Cry Duke cry

Well done! has more fun here playing Cultural Oddsmaker. Oddly, is keeping pretty kinda quiet. One photoshop. That’s it.

For those unaware, JJ Redick played for Duke. Everyone hates Duke. I’ve only liked two Duke players – Billy King, because he played excellent defense, and Billy McCaffrey, because he left.

usual dookies
(via me)


3 thoughts on “Fun with JJ Redick

  1. what is wrong with all of you! jj redick is awesome. not only is he completely sexy, he is also the best basketball player of all time. other than michael jordan or like shaq. i dont understand why anyone would hate him, he has done nothing to piss anyone off except be awesome at basketball. i think that everyone who hates him has got to be either crazy or jealous!

  2. also… all the crap that everyone is saying about jjs DWI is getting really old! yes everyone knows about it, and i think that everyone is sick and tired of hearing it, i know that i am! i mean people are acting like he is the only person in the world that has ever had a DWI before. dont act like you have never made a mistake before, everyone does, and you just have to learn from it. so i think that everyone really needs to get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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