Saturday … in the park


It was near perfect grilling weather Saturday, so the family loaded up in the $2.89-a-gallon guzzler and went to a local treasure, Valle Crucis Park. It’s a living, breathing, vegetating toy box. I would go into more glorious detail, but it’s crowded enough. Stay away.

The swings are always popular with both daughters, especially the little one. Armed with an automatic zoom, I set about capturing both in action at their reverse apogees. There was some pretty severe wind flashing through the hair and I wanted smiles, so it took a few shots of each just to make sure I had a good one. My camera is old school (ie. film) so it wasn’t until I got the shots today that I knew I struck some gold.

I do not fancy myself a rabid shutterbug by any means, but I enjoy snapping photos. The preteen does as well. She has a remarkable eye for framing. She marvels – as most people do – at the work of Blue Ridge Blog. I didn’t realize how much so until we finished at the swings.

As we walked back to the grill, she asked why I snapped so many shots. I explainied to her that getting a moving target in focus can be tricky. She replied, “Like Marie and that bird attacking her?

“Well,” I replied, “That shot was way more difficult, but yeah, kind of like that.”

In one of those odd coincidences that are a mainstay of my life, I was surprised to see yesterday that Marie recently irritated that same bird again.

our stateOn a related note, Tuesday I met another subscriber to “Our State” magazine. They marveled at seeing the wife and preteen in April’s issue. I had no idea the mag has as deep a fan base as it does.

The issue in question featured an article on The Wedding Tree, as the magazine called it. It was a beautifully ancient black cherry tree which recently fell and is no more. Marie submitted photos for the article, including one of our pre-wedding photos. It was of the wife and preteen playing Hide-n-Seek with the oak. Marie thinks it may be one of the last – if not the last – wedding photo taken there. Thanks again for the instant fame!


Almost forgot – hey Marie, this made me think of you.


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