Sidney Lowe’s job is safe


The NCAA maintains online the 2006-07 Division I Practice exam, on which coaches must score 80 percent or better before (I assume) they are unleashed upon the general high school populance like wedding guests at an open bar.

It’s 40 questions with an 80-minute time limit. I needed less than 12. My score – 26 of 40, or 65 percent. Well below passing, but I’m confident Kelvin Sampson is jealous.

A few of the questions are easier than a Matt Leinart date. Others appear to be but are actually trick questions, such as:

“During an official visit, an institution is permitted to entertain a prospect at a social event located 50 miles from the institution’s campus, provided the entertainment is not excessive and is comparable in nature to entertainment in the locale of the institution.”

I said True. The answer was False. Damn you Gary Barnett.

One question offers evidence that the NCAA would never comprehend ESPN Mobile, much less AOL:

Which of the following are considered telephone calls?
A. Instant messenger.
B. Videophone.
C. Facsimiles.
D. E-mail.

In reality, the answer should be E. All of the above. Yet in Indianapolis, the answer is, of course, B. So Larry Eustachy is restricted from prospect-pimping inbetween upskirts, but he can wear out a keyboard with “U RCK CLL ME BFF!!!!!!”

I also learned that mailing a signed recruit a game program is abhorrent, yet you can send a verbally committed recruit a thank you note on institutional stationary. I bet Mack Brown keeps a stack of such notes buried by his laser printer. I wonder if Ted Roof even bothers


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