Here we go Flanderers, here we go


Outstanding work over at Hey Jenny Slater – College football teams defined as characters from The Simpsons. And he wasn’t just talking Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa (Margaret? who the hell is Margaret Simpson?). He throws out Jessica Lovejoy, Otto Man and the Inanimate Carbon Rod.

I love the connections for ECU and Carolina:

East Carolina: Kirk Van Houten
Yup, once upon a time you had a situation that was way better than it had any right to be. You may consider those days long gone.

North Carolina: Maggie Simpson
Baby-blue-clad small-fries who spend most of their time sucking, but every once in a while will knock off a major player in a fashion absolutely no one saw coming.
(in the comments someone adds – Not only does she stink and suck all of the time, but when you think of her as just a baby, BOOM she suprises you with an upset (Miami 2004) like shooting Mr. Burns?)

And just to be fair, also in the comments:

Appalachian is Cletus. Both are content with just making it a winning situation/season, but in the end both are still the town hicks.

Hicks with a National Title, baby!!!!



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