Gabby has a new word

Bubbles! They’re her latest obsession.


A few weeks ago we uncovered parents’ gold – a bag of bubble wands. We had the traditional wand, with just a single round hole at one end that’s dipped into the magic water. There were also a few straw types, a star-shaped wand, a large round wand which creates long worm bubbles, and my favorite – the mutil-holed wand (aka. the big bubble bang).

At first Gabrielle could care less for the tipsy round spheres. But soon the lightbubble went off and she would marvel at them. Not crazily obsessed, just silent amazement broken with the occasional giggle.

A couple of weekends ago we had her out in the yard and we went through the bubble arsenal. We learned then that as much as she likes to see the bubbles, she likes tasting them as well (She treated more than one wand like a chicken bone).

By this past Saturday she had advanced to the point that, when she wanted some bubbles, she would grab this particular bottle of bubble-fun and walk over waving it at me. I’d take it and start dipping. She’d just stare, waiting for the funny floaty things to come forth. Eventually she’d get bored and want a snack. Game over. (Amy’s assured me the bubble water is digestable, but I’ve found it’s better not to tempt the Diaper Gods.)

This morning came the next step in an infant’s evolution. As I was putting on my shoes, I watched Gabby wander around the living room. She spied her favorite bubble bottle in the floor. She walked to it, bent down, and – as she picked it up – said “Buh-bles.” She then came my way twisting it in her hand like a baton twirler leading a parade, oblivious to her newest dabble in comprehensible English.

Odds are the word will leave her lips faster than it came (Her trend is to pick up what sounds like a word then drop it). But as of today, here is the official Gabrielle Dictionary, First Edition:

– Ma-Ma
– Da-Da
– Bye/Hi (kinda sounds the same)
– Dog (pronounced Daoooo)
– Ally (one of our three daoooos)
– Bite-Bite
– No-No
– Uh!-oh (uttered last week)
– Buh-bles

Today, two-syllable nouns. Tomorrow, adverbs!


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