The last day of school in outer space

Watauga County schools call it quits today. Doors lock and buses park for the traditional blink-and-you’ll-miss-it summer vacation. The preteen step-daughter will now find herself with so much free time that cansoandsocomeoverand maybespendthenightcauseimboredwhynotitsnotfair IDONTHAVEANYTHINGTODO! accusations will soon echo like a stadium announcer’s belch.

From no time to free time spells unrest.

Today, though, she will be happy. It’s party time. Excellent! No more bedtimes. No more work. No more teachers being a dork. I’m free!

Now give me something to do!

I can relate to the euphoria. I remember well the emotions in which I reveled the day fourth grade died. I got off the bus and gingerly walked into the house. I plopped onto the couch, turned on the telly and went straight to the Disney Channel. Low and behold The Cat from Outer Space was just coming on. That was a big fat cherry on my sun(ny)dae. At that moment, all was right in my world. I had Jake the cat and Sandy Duncan all to myself for the next couple of hours, then it was out the door to explore summer roaming the woods and devouring comics.

I wish work had summer vacations.



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