How about a 15th party


There has been talk amongst a few 1991 Tigers of a small 15th reunion get-together. Nothing big or overdone like the big One-O, but a nice group lunch or dinner. A few suggestions –

– Picnic lunch at Hope Mills Park this summer

– A Saturday event after a Friday night home football game

– Meet at Oktoberfest Internationale in October (that fair in Fort Bragg)

– Kegger at the Nazario residence

Let me know what you think by leaving some comments to this post. And feel free to spread the word.


11 thoughts on “How about a 15th party

  1. Unless you all want to come for some sort of xtreme ski weekend in Salt Lake City, I’ll have to miss the possible 15th.

  2. I’ll emerge out of lurkdom for this…
    I’d love a Tiger reunion, but unfortunately Seattle is a little too far to justify a quick visit. And I’m not dealing with a toddler on a plane any more often than I absolutely have to!
    I should be heading home for Christmas this year, so I’m up for visiting then!

    Jay, good to someone else has ventured West!

    Rob, love the new blog!

  3. I would LOVE to!!! I love to come back for games (see the band) I think a game and then a picnic the next day sounds great, or out to eat after…You guys haven’t changed…no kegger for me!! Ha Ha!

    I will be and band competition judging for Bolder…I’m not sure of date…the “Rumble in the Jungle” it’s really cool you should come out!

    See Ya,
    Dawn “Brechner” Dover

  4. Hello everyone ..

    The kegger option was a joke, primarily since Greg can’t hold his alcohol.

    I like Dawn’s idea of the football game/picnic. Anyone know the South View Senior High football schedule?

    Also, I added a link to Alex Apolloni’s under Friends at the top of the page. If anyone has a webpage they’d like me to think to, let me know!

  5. Hello To Everyone!!!!

    I love the idea of getting together for a 15th year reunion. The only thing about a picnic is not knowing how the weather is going to be, especially bringing kids.

    I suggest Paradise Acres on a Saturday after a football game (for us to attend as a group together). I have a friend that has a professional karoke system we could set up inside for entertainment for free. Then, maybe have a clown for face painting and balloon animals for the kids. You get the idea. This way if its nice weather- we would have games etc outside for kids/ball for the guys. But stuff inside too in the event of bad weather.

    Based on what I am thinking- cost apx. $10 adults/$5 kids if they cater for food. We could probably reserve an area football game and get a group discount rate too.

    I do have addresses in the reunion database of all that we “found” for the 10th Year reunion.

    I am willing to do whatever the class likes and don’t mind handing it again. I get Lori to help.

    Take care and keep in touch.


    P.S. Although, Salt Lake sounds GREAT!


    We could have them cater food or simply pay for the facility. I really think we could make it “nice” for the “family”.

  6. Dawn,

    You can tell I’m not the teacher….. Sorry about the type grammars errors…… Hope you are doing well.


  7. Bob Sherwin had suggested hosting a reunion party at his fantastic home in Pittsboro. He and his wife Debbie have recently remodeled and they have a large yard for the young ones to run about. I figure that the out of staters have to visit their parents some time, if we could coordinate a day that coincides with a regularly planned visit then a ghetto style reunion would be not be impossible. If you really want to plan in advance I will host a “Restore competence and international respect; support Hillary” mixer sometime in the fall of 2007. All my neocon friends are welcomed. World Cup finals prediction: England vs. Brazil. By the way who would have thought that Alex Apolloni would be burning mad trees and sampling the forbidden fruit of the red light district while living in Amsterdam. Lucky bastard.

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