I like this one …

Mutants March

My five favorite scenes from X-Men: The Last Stand:

The session in the Danger Room, particularly when Colossus grabs Wolvie and slings him at the Sentinel. The Fastball Special – one of many classic X-Men panels in the movie.

Magneto says goodbye to Mystique. She lays naked at his feet after sacrificing her body for his. In return he’s unsentimental, ruthless and detached. Sir Ian McKellen cannot get enough screen time in this movie.

Phoenix versus Charles Xavier. Totally inline with what we learn Professor X did to Jean Grey, and the result is completely unexpected. This scene lays the groundwork for the movie’s resolution.

Magneto aloft in the air as the Golden Gate bridge crashes to earth beneath him. One of many fine examples of mutant levitation in the movie. A comic book cover come to life.

Bobby Drake becomes Iceman. A great moment for me and a definite wink to X-Men fans. (It helped that I spent four hours Saturday morning lost in a Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends marathon on ABC Family).

For me, TLS is the second greatest comic book movie I’ve seen (No one beats Spidey). It gets a nine on the Rob scale, worth both full admission and consessions.

I’ve read some of the reviews. The primary gripes seem to be the short-shrift given the Phoenix storyline and the lack of character development. Neither sways me. Brett Ratner took up the puzzle started by Bryan Singer, who ended his X-tenure with an over-the-top tease of the Phoenix. Ratner couldn’t ignore the itch, but obviously had no interest in scratching it. It devoured some screen time, but was never the focus of the film. Sir Ian McKellen is, as he should have been.

As much as everyone raved about Wolverine, the X-Men series revolved around Magneto. He opened the series and – bounus post-credit scene aside – he closed it.

I look forward to the fourth installment of the franchise, cause no matter what he/she said before, ain’t no way Fox is ignoring this.


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