About last night … LOST


Severely underwhelming. The official LOST message boards are aglow with fans giddy over last night’s 2-hour finale. A few are not, such as this sentiment:

Whatever though, i was too hyped maybe. Im not hyped for season 3 now though. Doesn’t mean im going to stop watching the show but its definately gotten me less into it.

Count me on his side of the island. The two “big” answers weren’t answers at all. We already knew the “Others” were faking it. We already knew there was a pretty strong magnet in the wall of the bunker.

I felt that last night’s ep was a 30-minute show spread over 120. It was American Idol hosted by Desmond.

My point – ABC/USA Today/Newsweek hyped answers. Instead we got out-of-the-blue new questions and WTF head scratching with regard to old ones. We have the X-Files, circa 2006 – a show that spent so much time trying to be cool and mysterious that eventually none of the backstory made any sense.

I’ll still watch. It’s still an enjoyable show. But last night was a disappointment.


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