Great time to be a comic book geek

The big X III movie opens Friday. reports that you *really* need to stick around and watch the credits. Yesterday all it would say was “And now we learn a “top secret” scene will trail the credits,” followed by some speculation.

Today, the site has a link to the actual scene, which some goob secretly taped in a theater and posted on You can see that clip here. You don’t really “learn” anything from this all-too-brief clip, other than it incited the audience into a near-riot of excitment.

On another front, there’s now online a trailer for Ghost Rider! The story of Johnny Blaze never interested me, but the movie seems pretty cool. The efx on the skull rate pretty low though. It looks Stephen-King-made-for-tv quality. The first thought I had upon seeing it was the old cursor from this old computer game.



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