Go Canes .. I guess

Two paths which ran parallel for years finally crossed Friday. I have known Jon for several months thanks to our respective roles as Appalachian alumni. He’s vice president of the alumni council. I work in the alumni office.


He was in town for a council meeting. I last saw him a few days ago during a trip to Raleigh for a Yosef Club event. We were discussing the event when I mentioned I had dinner afterwards with my old college roommate, Jeff. Jon’s eyes lit up at the name. Turns out he and Jeff were/are fraternity brothers and close friends. He started naming off names of people he hung with, and most of them I knew.

Odds are we met back in college, but only in passing. A decade later a friendship is born. Small world.

Jon’s a huge Carolina Hurricanes fan. I’m betting money he was the only motorist in Boone Saturday with a Canes flag waving from the back seat.


2 thoughts on “Go Canes .. I guess

  1. OK. I know it isn’t cool to leave a reply to a posting that is about you, but I feel compelled to let you know that, yes, I was the only person riding around with a ‘Canes flag on my car. That’s OK, though. I got a few looks — some, I’m sure wondering what in the heck the flag was for, but I rode with pride all the way to N. Wilkesboro with my flag flapping in the mountain breeze. Ah, to be a mountaineer-caniac!

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