Celebrating the national champions

One month ago today Appalachian won the state’s first NCAA national football title (take that, UNC!).

Saturday they celebrated the national title with a massive autograph session by the players and coaches. They also had the trophy on display for photos. I took Gabrielle with me to the party and had a friend snap our photo with the I-AA trophy:

trophy 1

One of the MVPs of the team – THE MVP in my opinion – is Jason Hunter, a senior defensive end from Fayetteville. In the title game, with Appalachian trailing, the pride of E.E. Smith and Massey Hill Classical School picked up a fumble forced by Jack Britt grad Marques Murrell and ran it in for the go-ahead touchdown. Mountaineers win, 21-16.

I asked Jason if he’d sign Gabby’s shirt. He did! I think she likes it!



2 thoughts on “Celebrating the national champions

  1. I don’t see any way to email you directly. However, my brother and I attend SVHS. I would have graduated in 1989 and he would have been 1991. We moved to Germany in 1988. Anyway, I am looking for a graduate of your class. Thomas Martin, would you know who he is or have any contact information on him?
    you can email me at eamedinanc@yahoo.com

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