Coach Capel

Following up from an earlier post, Appalachian did indeed beat Jeff Capel-coached VCU last Monday here in Boone, 51-47. I had my photographer friend snap me a photo of Jeff while he roamed the sidelines.

I wanted to start a chant to catch his attention (Steve McRae suggested yelling “Ron Miller!”) but the crowd – though small – was actually loud enough to drown out a lone dude making no sense. Besides, my buddy preferred yelling “Jason’s better!” I’ll let you Carolina fans figure that one out.

The photo above really doesn’t do justice to the fact Capel is starting to resemble Coach Miller. Gut? Check. Thinning up top? Check. Yelling nonstop? Check. Nasty underarm sweat stains? Oh my stars and garters, check.

Still, it was cool seeing a youngster from SVHS roaming the sidelines.


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